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Hello. Welcome to our website. Thank you for your interest in our products. It is our goal to provide you with a product that is trouble-free, extremely effective, safe to use, all at a reasonable cost. That's how we do business, because we are customers, too.
It is our desire that our product provide you with…
  • Safe, Solid and Sensible Products.
  • Reliable Products.
  • and User Friendly Options.

Our parent company, Reliable Product International (RPI), is a Limited Liability Corporation. We are a family-owned and operated company, and have a proven track record of being successful retailers for over 30 years.

Reliability, quality and efficiency are the three most important attributes in the design of the improved SolarFlare® heaters.

Our engineering capabilities have produced a superior infrared heater. RPI is
proud to manufacture and market the best infrared heater in the market today.
The Amish Collection™ by SolarFlare® isn’t a style, it’s a standard of excellence
in quality and superior craftsmanship. RPI takes extraordinary pride in their innate
ability to make the best product possible by doing it the “Old Fashioned Way,”
one heater at a time. We are well known for our sincerity and humble pride in a
job well done.

The result a heater which heats more efficiently than those seen by our
counterparts. This heater is our Amish Collection™ by SolarFlare® brand.
The Amish Collection™ SolarFlare® units are designed, engineered and fully
assembled in the USA.

Our Mission Statement:
Through Innovation and design we make consumers lives simpler and more rewarding.

Please browse our website, and should you have any questions, or please
feel free to use the contact page on this site or send us an email at Either way we want to hear from you.

Our knowledgeable sales staff and customer service representatives want
to make your shopping experience one of convenience, success and most
of all satisfaction.

Thank you.

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