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Amish coat rack Why is Amish Made Important?
Amish isn’t a style, it’s a standard of excellence
in quality and superior craftsmanship. The Amish
simply take extraordinary pride in their innate ability
to make the best product possible by doing it the
“Old Fashioned Way,” one heater at a time. They
are well known for their sincerity and humble pride
in a job well done.

Our factory is located in the 6th largest Amish - Mennonite community in Missouri, which comprises our entire workforce and builds all of our heaters.

Amish Road

Amish Integrity
While the rest of the world is hectic and rapidly changing, Amish community appears to remain unaltered.

We still do business the way people did 100 years ago…a handshake.

Totally unheard in the modern day’s business world, but the Amish have character
and integrity - a handshake and your word is as binding as a signed contract.

Unfortunately, we live in a time of mass production and greed is common…
where financial success is herald to be more important than anything else.

And yet the Amish stand steadfast
with a unique and compelling mindset, where
the definition of success tends not to include “wealth" at all, and financial success
is simply a “means to an end." In the Amish culture, those “ends” include investing
in and preserving their family-centered lifestyle, working hard at an honest trade,
and passing a meaningful vocation on to their children.

As a result, Amish businesses typically stay small, treat everyone with kindness, and practice frugality. They believe that it is more important to be righteous than rich--a lesson not commonly found in the world as we know it. The Amish are certainly known for their simple way of life.

Amish Craftsmanship
The Amish completely set themselves apart from mainstream society and are rightfully recognized for their superior craftsmanship. Stemming from continuing their traditions and practices, their community teaches the value that “a job worth doing is a job worth doing right.”

Amish-made furniture is known the world over for their high quality workmanship.
Each “Amish Collection” Heater is hand-made with the utmost importance on quality, meaning that all our heater components are precision cut to fit together perfectly,
and are hand-rubbed with stain to bring out the character of the wood grain.

Since the Amish are committed to excellence, they only use the finest materials, including selecting only the highest quality of the hand-rubbed stain and heat resistant varnish.

It’s not just a Heater…it’s a fine piece
of furniture.  Amish craftsmanship is passed down from one generation to the next.  Each piece of lumber is still cut, sanded, assembled and stained by seasoned hands, using a keen eye to eliminate any imperfections and bring out the natural beauty of select hardwoods.

As tradition still dictates, the strictest construction is in each design.  It’s simply, the “Amish Collection” Heaters are made to last.

Amish Wood

The “Amish Collection” Infrared Heater
The “Amish Collection” by SolarFlare® are proudly designed, engineered, and
fully assembled in the USA. This is a bold statement but is entirely true. Not many
products are still made in the USA.

Our Missouri factory only uses parts purchased from U.S. suppliers. The Amish fully
assemble our heaters, including the patented Convection-style heat chamber,
which is manufactured by our Amish team as well.

Once you see the outstanding craftsmanship of each cabinet, along with the quality
of materials, you will quickly agree that there is none other on the market today
that compares to our “Amish Collection” by SolarFlare®.

Just like the Amish, our success has been based on simplicity, and customer satisfaction.
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